The Best Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring
The Best Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

The Best Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

With winter finally drawing to a close its time to start focusing on the warmer, brighter days ahead. With the weather brightening up outside, it’s time to focus on your homes interiors and get them looking and feeling fresher. Spring is the perfect time to introduce something new to your home, from bright colours, new appliances and even simple additions such as new curtains or blinds. Whether you’re looking to make bold, unique statements or you simply want to give your décor a little burst of character, there are plenty of different options for you to choose from!


Pops of Colour

The brighter days instantly put you in a positive mood, so brightening your interiors is going to have the same effect. By adding a pop of colour to your homes décor, you’ll instantly notice a lift in the atmosphere and your home will feel warm and welcoming. Stick to a specific colour scheme, with a strong balance of bold and neutral colours to ensure your interiors flow properly.


Strip it Back

Throughout winter we are all guilty of filling our homes with thick, cosy blankets, Christmassy scented candles, long draping curtains and the odd sheepskin rug to keep us warm and snug, but now that spring is around the corner, it’s time to strip it back and create a cool, airy feel. Swapping your thick curtains for a delicate material, replacing your Christmas candles with some fresh flowers or incense and putting those thick throws into storage will help to lift your rooms feel and prevent it from feeling stuffy and cramped when the warmer weather arrives.


Update with Art

If anything is going to make your interiors burst with character its artwork. Art is perfect for expressing your personal style and interests and keeping your décor stylish and on trend. It doesn’t matter what kind of art you introduce to your home, you can always create a fresh feel with a bold piece positioned neatly in a stylish frame. You then have other features such as ornaments and photographs, these are also perfect for adding a unique touch to your décor and enhancing the overall look.


Embrace Nature

If you really want to gain a fresh, bright feel within your interiors then adding some delicate touches such as beautiful, fresh flowers will help create a gentle ambiance and fill your home with a lovely fresh scent. Similarly, introducing other houseplants such to each room will not only add character and finish the room perfectly, but also help to keep a positive atmosphere flowing throughout your home. Houseplants have many health benefits too, so it’s always a good idea to include them in your interiors.

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