Company Profile

Company Profile

Hasibuan Designs is a Jepara based company specialising in the wooden furniture and manufacturer of premium wood furniture such as Teak Solid Wood.

Established in 2000, we focused our business in manufacturing and exporting handmade indoor furnitures and accessories home decoration. Since 2000  Hasibuan Designs Furniture has supply wooden furniture to customers from Norway,Miami,Brazil,UK,Germany,Taiwan,Mongolia,India,Malaysia,Singapore and Australia.

With staff and Employers around 150 peoples we commited to make sure that you are 100% happy with your experience with us. From sales through to delivery, we aim to provide a first class service that you will be delighted with.

If you would like advice on any aspect of choosing or caring for your Hasibuan Designs Furniture please get in touch. We love talking to customers, and providing advice and support on choosing the best pieces to suit your style of home.

The Hasibuan Designs Furniture range is built to last, and is always of excellent quality. Our furniture comes fully assembled after 8-12 weeks of careful construction and attention is made to the finest details.  We use traditional construction methods, pin and dowel techniques, and dovetail joints for extra strength.  Our products are made from solid timbers and we never use veneers.

We set competitive prices, and actively check and match these against similar quality products.
All exclusive Hasibuan Designs products are hand made in Indonesia by local craftsmen. The workshop is located in Jepara,Central Java and with its exotic tropical surroundings; it is a great environment to work in. All work is carried out using perfected traditional methods.

The increase in popularity of Indonesian furniture has meant an improvement for to worked hard to create a sense of art in every pieces of our furniture. The wood used for much of our furniture is premium wood which coming from government controlled plantation, and therefore by definition eco friendly.



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